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Open Hand of Fredericksburg envisions transformed individuals whose sustainable employment contributes to the building and restoration of Fredericksburg and surrounding communities.



​Open Hand of Fredericksburg is a faith-based 501c3 organization seeking to partner with at-risk youth and their families to secure sustainable employment through education, leadership development and long-term committed relationships.

Who Is Open Hand of Fredericksburg ?

Mission, Vision and Core Values


To establish long-term relationships with each at-risk youth in our program, helping them gain a sense of God-given purpose, productivity, and dignity in obtaining employment, building their career, and contributing to their community. 


  • An effective faith-based non-profit organization focused on renewing at-risk youth through dignity and empowerment. 

  • Providing programs that grow at-risk youth in order to help break the cycle of poverty and ultimately enrich communities.

  • Develop partnerships with at-risk youth, their families and the community by providing needed resources to build skills and confidence which can lead to a worthwhile  and sustainable life.



Open Hand is a faith-based 501(c) (3) organization which develops partnerships with  at-risk youth ages 14 to 19, their families and the community by providing needed resources to build skills and confidence which can lead to a worthwhile life.


The following core values are the fundamental guiding principles that dictate behavior.


  •   Faith

  •   Community 

  •   Dignity

  •   Career


The following operating values influence the culture and public image of Open Hand of Fredericksburg as an effective faith-based, community organization serving a wide variety of individuals, families and the community.

  • At-risk youth are valued for their potential and their talents as God created them whether they are persons of faith or not. 

  • At-risk youth find the opportunities they need to enter the workforce and develop a work ethic that will lead to a satisfying and sustainable career.

  • By developing the traits of honesty, integrity, reliability and excellence in at-risk youth, we believe they will be an asset to any organization.

  • By building the life and work skills of at-risk youth, we believe the community will recognize their God given value.

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