About Us

The Open Hand name comes from Deuteronomy 15:11. It symbolizes compassion, generosity, partnership, friendship, service, community, and ready to work. An open hand can give and receive. 

Our Mission

Open Hand seeks to empower youth ages 14 to 19, their families and the community by providing needed resources to build skills and confidence, so they can identify and pursue opportunities that inspire and create a vision for the future.

Our Vision

To establish long-term relationships with each youth in our program, helping them gain a sense of God-given purpose, productivity, and dignity in obtaining employment, building their career, and contributing to their community. 

Core Values

The following core values are the fundamental guiding principles that dictate behavior.

  • Faith

  • Community

  • Dignity

  • Career

Leadership & Staff

Robert (Bob) Becker

Board Position: President

Paul F. Jany Jr

Board Position: Member

J. Lightsey Wallace

Board Position: Vice President

Tamara X. Brown-Driver

Board Position: Member and Grant Writer

Wayne Karl Driver

Board Position: Member and Director of Technology

Open Hand is a faith based 501c3 organization.

150 Olde Greenwich Dr, Fredericksburg, VA 22408

(540) 834-4455

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