Paul F. Jany Jr

Board Position: Member

Serving as a board member of Open Hand since 2018, I have the privilege of helping teach and mentor students at Caroline County Diversified Learning Center.


Since 2001, I have been a Chick-fil-A Owner/Operator. I am currently the Operator of Southpoint Chick-fil-A which I opened in 2005. While I do love our chicken, my greater passion is developing the team members and leaders that work for us, as we strive to provide great care for those we serve in our community. Prior to my business partnership with Chick-fil-A, I worked as a campus minister with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) as well as a counselor for juvenile adolescents. 


Coming out of my childhood with many hurts and emotional gaps, I had some much needed healing that needed to take place in my heart. I am so thankful that several key mentors stepped in my life in high school, college, and as a young adult, as these men had a profound influence on me. As I mentor and coach others, I hope to make a difference in others’ lives the same way these men did in my life.


My wife and I are blessed to have seven children, three of them adopted from China. We are advocates for adoption, and we have a heart for those raised in challenging situations. Over the years in working with a lot of young employees facing hard family circumstances, we have been able to provide care, support, and housing for many of these team members. My role as a board member of Open Hand allows me to reach out to youth, share my story with them, and hopefully influence them to understand their incredible worth.


As a board member of Open Hand, it excites me to be able to partner with schools, businesses, and community leaders as we work together to train and empower youth. I’ve seen the encouragement our organization has provided to local schools, as principals and teachers have embraced the training and support we offer to their students. As a business leader and an advocate for our Fredericksburg community, I love the mission and purpose of Open Hand and this opportunity I have to serve alongside some extraordinary people, as together we positively influence youth in our community.


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