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Kathy Bourne Murdock

Board Position: Board Secretary

Upon retiring from the Federal Government after 32 years of service, I had the opportunity to give back to my hometown in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I started out volunteering as an Employment Specialist for Hope House, a homeless shelter for women and children. I soon realized this is where God wanted me to be. The staff and the residents helped me see and understand the many barriers our homeless community is facing to live and take care of their families that I just took for granted. Working at Hope House connected me with the homeless population as a whole. I extended writing resumes and job search services to the Thurman Brisben Center and Micah for the homeless, and Empowerhouse a Domestic Violence Shelter. In the meantime, I had started attending New City Fellowship, where I was introduced to Open Hand. I then realized God was putting me in a position where I could take my own life experiences, failures, and successes to empower young people to succeed through the love of Jesus. After becoming a member of the Open Hand Board, I started volunteering for the Caroline Diversified Learning Center (CDLC) to teach life skills and for speaking engagements with students in the James Monroe Alternative Education Program as well as the Open Hand Summer Intern Program. All of these experiences are humbling and help me see people's situations through their eyes, not just my own. I consider it a privilege to serve our young people and build relationships that will last for many years to come.