When you give to Open Hand of Fredericksburg you are making a investment in the life of an under-resourced youth, a low-income family, and our community.


Your tax-deductible gift allows a youth to become a contributing member of our community and actively contributes to the building  and revitalization of Fredericksburg. 

"This is a gift that gives back!

This is an investment.  You are investing in a life!"


INTERNSHIPS - partner with Open Hand and offer an internship to a student.  You will train, equip, and vet a student to have a successful 8 week paid internship with your company

SPONSORSHIPS - Sponsor a student and receive a NAP tax credit.


SPONSORSHIPS - Partner with Open Hand to sponsor a local youth for an 8 week paid internship with a local business and receive a NAP tax credit

What is the NAP credit?

Explanation of what the NAP credit is

For Businesses

For Individuals

For Churches

More Info

More Info

More Info

NAP Business Application
NAP Individual Application
NAP Church Application

Example Application

Example Application

Example Application